A small group of dedicated breeders of Labrador Retrievers in the UK was set up early in 2021 with the primary aim of stopping dogs carrying the dilute gene being registered as Labrador Retrievers the the Kennel Club.

Labrador Retrievers come in only 3 colours, Black, Yellow and Chocolate/Liver. All other colours are NOT Labrador Retrievers.

The group is led by Mrs Marion Hopkinson (Rocheby) other members are Mr David Coode ( Warringhahs), Mrs Erica Jayes (Sandylands), Mrs Lesley Dantinnes (Zanys), Mrs Penny Carpanini (Carpenny) Mr Adam Mair (Piperdown) Mrs Anne Beckley, Mrs Fiona Braddon (Trendlewood).

A register of all Labradors clear of the dilute gene has been set up and you are strongly recommended to have your dogs DNA tested. You should then add your dog to the register of 'Non Dilute' or clear Labrador Retrievers.

Instructions can be found here or click on the tab above 'Add your DNA results'

Read the story about the Labrador Retriever and how the current situation with other colours being registered by the KC came about.

Lesley Dantinnes has written a Presentation in PowerPoint which tells the sad story - Read it here

List of Laboratories who offer the Dilute gene test

Animal Genetics UK Animal genetics website
Pawprint Genetics website
DDC (Vet DNA centre) Website
Orivet Website
Wisdom Panel Website
Labokin Direct link to test
Embark Website
Easy DNA Website
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